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Roaming the streets of a strange city at night, can be hazardous to a spy’s health. More often then not the spooks prefer broad day light on a busy street where no one cares what you’re up to.

Transferring secrets, handing a payoff or seducing an unsuspecting enemy, a street cafe appears inconspicuous and more disarming.



38"X48" Giclee’ on canvas

Edition of 295


When spooks and spies seek refuge from the daily grind, they look for a place "Out Of Bounds" to the trade. Norman’s, styled after a well known
London pub, is a metaphor for such a place – a place where no one knows your name.


29"X35" Giclee’ on canvas

Edition of 500

"Avenue of the Angeles"

The scene is set in a Safe House in southern France, across from an opulent 18th century hotel. Victor Ostrovsky, former Mossad case officer, uses music to symbolize the
timing and rhythm of the mission. “Everything must come naturally; tempo and rhythm are everything”.


48"X36" Giclee’ on canvas

Edition of 250


"The bait"

Depending on what an agent is out to catch, “The Bait” can be many things. A beautiful woman, a handsome man, or maybe just a tune that could stir an old forgotten loyalty.


40"X30" Giclee on canvas

Edition of 75


"Game Plan"

The strategist is seated in an opulent surrounding. He must analyze his next step carefully. Could the message he received in the code book before him help? The "pieces" he must play with  are neither black nor white, signifying the blurred lines in the wilderness of mirrors. Even the game board is a double enigma, shown as 1/4 chessboard with sliding tiles so that the play may shift at random.

Can the shapely blond be trusted?                                 

Is the message she brought a trap?



40"X50" Giclee’ on canvas

Edition of 295

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