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"The Distraction"

The streets of Paris are lined with small, welcoming bistros. Each with it’s own flavor. A haven for those who want to blend in, unnoticed as they carry on their craft. 

Nevertheless in the "wilderness of mirrors", where ones life is always in peril, caution is never an understatement.

Having a distraction is a necessity. The woman is playing to the crowd while the action takes place in the back room and a getaway car is at the ready.



36" x 48" 

Edition of 295 Giclee on canvas

"Cannon Fodder"

When a London cabby is summoned by a case officer to pick up a passenger, he has no idea he might be placed in the line of fire of a war he knows nothing about. 

Yet he might turn out to be its latest victim.
Thus in the world of spooks and spies the taxi is a mere Cannon Fodder.



18" x 30"

Edition of 295 Giclee on canvas

"Cold Contact"

There are times when a target 
is only reachable for a limited time, thus
preventing an elaborate recruitment

However, if it appears that there might not be a second opportunity to try and recruit him as an asset, an agency might decide on a direct approach. 
They make a bold move with a generous offer; 

As it is called in the life 
"A Cold Contact".


18" x 38"

Edition of 295 Giclee on canvas


The life of a spy is a series of farewells. The missions are rarely simple and often dangerous. A reunion is never a sure thing, making the farewell more meaningful.



26" x 40"

Edition of 295 Giclee on canvas

"House of Cards"

Everything in the spy world is as secure as a house of cards.
One may think he is safe only to fined out that all that surrounds him is false.

It is the construction of such a stable illusion that is the true profession.



31" x 39"

Edition of 295 Giclee on canvas


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