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"Jerusalem Factor"

A combination of reality and metaphor to illustrate and define the major dilemma facing Jerusalem, the holiest of cities is portrayed in golden splendor through the window and mirrored in the map in the foreground of the painting, is the seat of the three major religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

The task facing the master strategist is how to divide this most holy of cities, amongst the three and maintains peace?


40"h x 50"w Giclee’ on canvas

Edition of 295



In the scenario represented in “Rumors”, rumors are bits of secret information, passed out to specific agents suspected of disloyalty. 

Each bit slightly different, and each is false. The information that comes back will automatically identify the traitor.



31"h x 39"w Giclee’ on canvas

Edition of  75


"Inner Circle"

The world of espionage contains much false information hidden within the truth. It must be separated before it taints the inner circle.

Separating the truth from the lies is the core of this dangerous world.



40"h x 30"w Giclee’ on canvas

Edition of  250


"Paper Carousel"

Around and around the rumor mill goes; a hint turns into a fact, covered by a document, created to prove the rumor or perhaps disprove it.

The beginning is the end and most are just there for the ride.

In espionage, plutocracy is at its best – or worst – depending on your point of view.

Are you on the carousel or just watching it turn?


40"h x 50"w Giclee’ on canvas

Edition of 295


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